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Safety in the workplace and the respect for the environment have always been the primary objectives of the Company since its establishment, it has therefore invested in new generation machinery and with a reduced environmental impact. The energy need is partly covered with an impressive photovoltaic system placed on the roof of the building and for the remaining part the Company buys energy from a thermoelectric power station placed in the close area. All the machines are energy  efficient as well as the lighting obtained totally with LED.

Thus, the Company guarantees a workplace in line with technology and in compliance with job security and functionality. Great attention is given to the training of technical personnel. The state-of-the-art mechanical equipment allows efficient mining operations in order to maintain qualitative and commercial standards.
The machines installed are:

  • 1 BRETON frame 80 blades;
  • 1 BRETON frame 40 blades;
  • 1 BRETON polishing line with laser scanner and label marker;
  • 1 PROMETEC resin line with drying ovens;
  • 1 BM single blad for trimming blocks.


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